• "my life has transformed in so many ways." - A.W.

“I had a hypnotherapy session with a few weeks ago around relationship blocks. I had been married for 10 years and now divorced for 4. Every time I tried to get to know a man romantically I found myself in the same negative situation. I wanted to break old habits but wasn’t sure where to start. Jill worked with me on my shifting my blocks and made a very personal recording specific to my needs which I have listened to every day. For the past three weeks I have been getting to know a man who is so incredibly alligned with me. I’m so aware of my destructive patterns and now have an opportunity to not let them get in the way. I also now believe that I’m worthy of the type of connection that I desire which is what allowed this man into my life in the first instance. I’m honestly blown away by how effective this therapy is. Jill was also incredibly professional and sincere. Thank you!”

–  Gina

“Jill really listens! … And it shows, as in her therapy she obviously notes down everything you mention in the ‘discovery’ pre-session and during the actual session. I really appreciated her pragmatism, honesty, forthright demeanor, together with a good sense of humour, which always makes me feel at ease, particularly if you feel a bit vulnerable sharing personal details. She definitely put me at my ease immediately and I’d say again, this makes for a very effective session, as I felt I could trust her and so letting go the thing I’d brought to the table, was so much easier to move on from. Honestly, things started shifting positively for me almost immediately, so I couldn’t recommend Jill more!!”

– Gail

“I had my therapy with Jill to finally get my eating habits under control, had been a problem all my life one failed diet after another. After just one session I feel calm and in control for the first time in my life. I no longer feel any anxiety about food and don’t think about food 24/7. Jill made me feel safe and relaxed from the very beginning, my faith in her has helped me so much, can’t thank her enough. Now I am finally looking forward to a new me and no more need to diet but to viewing food the way I should and to enjoying my food without feeling guilty.”

–  J.E.

“I found working with Jill very safe and really rewarding. I was really amazed at how a very simple procedure could transform a long standing sleep problem that I had suffered from for many years. At all times I felt very comfortable with how the therapist worked. Since listening to the recorded message she made for me I have been enjoying a sleep pattern which I cannot ever remember having in a very long time. This has made a wonderful difference to how I am feeling in myself every day. I would definitely recommend Jill to friends and family.”

– G.P.

“I had an RTT treatment with Jill and it was exceptional. She acted with professionalism, compassion and patience. She enabled me to understand where the root cause was and worked with me to achieve a positive result. The whole process was enlightening and comforting. She provided a recording so that I could continue with the process for the next 21 days and if I have had questions or needed support she was just at the end of the phone. Nothing is too much trouble for Jill. She goes above and beyond and has exceeded all my expectations and is extremely supportive. She is trustworthy and works with integrity, kindness and compassion. I highly recommend her.”

–  Lynne

” had a session with Jill to address the sleeping problems that I’ve suffered with most of my life. Jill’s calm and effective approach, got me to understand when and why my problems had begun, and to let those past feelings and emotions go. I am happy to say that I now sleep longer and more deeply than I have done in years. It’s amazing how much more productive and present I am, from having had a good night’s sleep! I recommend Jill wholeheartedly!”

– H.P.

“I had the most invigorating 90 minutes with Jill. We did some fabulous work while I was hypnotised and my eye problem has subsided. It was wonderful. I can recommend Jill to anyone who has a problem to fix. Top Marks. Thank you Jill”

–  Nick

“I had a session with Jill on getting over my fear of flying. Throughout the session she was so relaxing and put me at total ease to explore my fears and release them. She has such a calming approach I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

– Aoife

“My experience with Jill was a very powerful one. Her energy and approachability made me feel incredibly relaxed and calm throughout our session, allowing me to feel comfortable in opening up through hypnosis. I came away feeling enlightened and as though I had dropped off an enormous load, feeling light and full of energy. I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you, Jill!”

–  Otto

Qualified RTT practitioner and meditation teacher, I can help you get things in perspective and sort out life issues and challenges.