About  Jill

Imagine what life would look like without issues around self-esteem, trauma, weight, and physical problems – living life to the full, in the way you always dreamed of. The life you were born to live.

With RTT this is absolutely possible. I’m living proof – years with a chronic skin condition, with stiff and painful knees and with issues around weight control since I was in my teens are behind me. I now have confidence, and old painful feelings involving stress and depression are gone.

Although there are occasions where old patterns may surface, my life has transformed and I now live every day in contentment (if not outright happiness!) Although this took many years of searching and trying various practices.

I can help you bypass this and show you how to escalate your life in the shortest possible time. It takes commitment and conviction, but the results can be remarkable.

After attaining good qualifications and a good job in adult education, I found myself stuck in a rut doing a job which, although giving some satisfaction in mentoring and helping students overcome barriers to achievement via physical and mental health difficulties, left me with no opportunities to explore how I could help people with some of the issues I’d faced myself.

My Life Changed Overnight

Years of struggling with low self-esteem and anxiety, resulting in consistently underachieving and making poor life choices meant that I could empathise with students and give them good tools and advice in their advancement, but I found that my own life was beginning to unravel, particularly as government cuts left my job (and my self-esteem) in jeopardy.

Thankfully I discovered RTT and my life changed literally overnight, and I knew that I had to learn how to help others by using these amazing techniques along with my years of experience of life coaching and mentoring.

Now a qualified RTT practitioner and meditation teacher, I can help you get things in perspective, sort out life issues and challenges, and find peace and happiness in daily life, no matter what cards you’ve been dealt.

It is my life’s work to help people overcome their fears and limitations and live the life they’ve always wanted. I’ve helped people overcome weight issues, lack of purpose and focus, fear of flying, relationship trauma, physical conditions and chronic insomnia, and many others.

I love watching my clients’ faces change as the weight of the problem leaves them, and their lives are transformed forever. RTT works quickly and only 1- 3 sessions are needed in most cases.

If, like many, you’ve spent many hours (and a lot of money!) sitting in the therapist’s chair and wish to get to the root cause of the issue quickly and effectively, please get in touch and we’ll have an initial chat about how I can help. There’s no charge for this.

We’ll discuss the best option for you, which may include:

A single session of RTT

This is often all that’s required for straightforward issues such as weight loss, or stopping smoking

Coaching sessions (6) spanning two months.

These involve RTT, meditation practice, and exercises to help you uncover everything which previously blocked you from enjoying life to its full potential.

In addition, you’re always encouraged to contact me via phone or email for backup and support, at no additional charge. Let’s get this started

Qualified RTT practitioner and meditation teacher, I can help you get things in perspective and sort out life issues and challenges.